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Stir Fry


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Asian Home Gourmet spice pastes are the secret to Asian restaurant quality food cooked in your own home. Asian Home Gourmet spice pastes deliver the true flavours of Asia including, Cantonese, Chinese, Thai, Szechuan, Indonesian, Singaporean, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean.

Each spice paste is made from fresh herbs and spices which are chopped and ground together until their juices and oils are released and form a natural wet paste that is then stir fried for a richer flavour and aroma.

There is no added MSG, preservatives or artificial colours and are GMO free.

So next time you are craving an Asian curry, stir fry, dip, noodle or rice dish look no further than Asian Home Gourmet. Just add vegetables, meat, fish or tofu and you’ll get a delicious Asian meal in minutes.

Cooking at home could not be easier!

The flavours of Asia at your finger tips in minutes

Asian Home Gourmet Usage pic Asian Home Gourmet Thai Green curry Asian Home Gourmet Szechuan Chilli Ginger Garlic Stir Fry Asian Home Gourmet Singapore Chicken Curry Asian Home Gourmet Indonesian Meat Satay Asian Home Gourmet Korean Kimchi Soup Asian Home Gourmet Japanese curry Asian Home Gourmet Vietnamese chicken curry

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